EXCLUSIVE: Bret Jackson Reveals Secret About James Reid and Nadine Lustre's Relationship!


Bret Jackson has been James Reid's best friend since they both entered the PBB House. Now that they are both in the industry, the two have become closer as they braved the challenged of the outside world. But recently, Bret has become a sort of a spy on James Reid and his girlfriend Nadine Lustre, spilling some of the secrets of the love birds to the public

"Yes, they are my favorite couple, grabe. They are so good… they are one of the honest persons in showbiz. Whenever I'm with James and Nadine, iba talaga."he said.

He then continued to reveal something and said: 

"Gusto mo ng sikreto? Before, Nadine was the one who was super in love with James. As of ngayon, I feel that James is more in love with Nadine. The thing is, James really loves Nadine on a different level. I've been with James for, like, six or seven years, I know much the person. And when I see him with Nadine, it's so different. And Nadine has become so close to me.”

“They are super in love, and that's the truth. Put me on record, they are super in love," he added.

When asked if he deems 'forever' for the couple, he answered quickly saying: "I could, and it's no lie, it's no lie. And that's scary for me, that's scary for me, kasi best friend ko yun.  I'm not trying to say something, but to trust a girl to take care of my best friend, someone that I care about for the rest of his life, that's a big deal for me. And if have to say na I see them like that, big deal yun."

He was also asked if he has become the 'shock absorber' whenever the two would have conflicts. He answered: 

"Oh no, no! James opens up to me, Nadine opens up to me. The thing is, their fights are nothing. All they have to say is, ‘Oh, James did this to me’ or ‘Nadine did this.’ And I go, ‘Do you love each other?’ Sagot naman nila, ‘Yeah.’ Ha-ha-ha! Ganun talaga."

"I think my role is just to remind them that they love each other. All I have to say is that they love each other, and then they're happy again..

"Like, the haters say, ‘Ah, you're doing this for publicity or something.’They become ever closer because of that, they don't care about anyone else.”

EXCLUSIVE: Bret Jackson Reveals Secret About James Reid and Nadine Lustre's Relationship!
Source; TNP, PEP

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