Ellen Adarna’s Grandfather Built His Wife A Temple To Honor Her And It Looks Grand!


A landmark dubbed the “Taj Mahal of Cebu” is quickly becoming a tourist attraction for both locals and foreigners due to its magnificently grand architecture. This Roman-esque and monumental temple looks just like the ones we see in movies set in ancient Greece or Rome

Entrepreneur Teodorico Adarna dedicated the temple to his wife of 54 years, Leah, who passed away from lung cancer back in 2012. She was 69 years old.

Teodorico made references from Roman architecture with lots of rectangular designs, vases, Roman gods in the form of statues, huge columns among many others. This building was built to store Leah’s collections from her travels.

Leah was 16 and Teodorico was 19 when they got married. They had four children: Allan, Arlene, Alex and Arthur, who is also deceased, and 16 grandchildren, including actress Ellen Adarna.

“My mother was a collector, a hoarder. She also had seven houses where she could put those objects. Before she died, she wondered where to put her collection. My father built the temple to store all her things. That was his promise before she died,” Arlene Adarna-Mangubat shared.

Inside the temple there is a huge staircase that leads to two wings. One feature that will immediately catch the eye is the huge bronze statue of Leah holding flowers.

Watch it for yourself below:

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