Ella Cruz Is The Best Student In Mina MYoung’s Prestigious Dance Class! Watch This!


Ella Cruz has been making rounds online because of her dancing skills. Her viral video of her dancing to "Twerk it like Miley" has already reached 10,642,338 views on YouTube!

It’s why no wonder that she was also the best student in Mina MYoung's dance class. Mina is a well-known dancer who also teaches dance in South Korea. Ella Cruz was lucky enough to be a part of that prestigious dance class.

On her Instagram account, Ella shared a video of her dancing with other Korean students. Unsurprisingly, Mina picks her as one of the best students in the class.

Watch the video below!

A video posted by Ella Cruz (@itsellacruz) on
Source: TNP, Metahowl

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