Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast Can Make You Smarter! Amazing!


A recent study in Japan has shown that consuming ice cream for breakfast can make a person smarter and more alert.

The study, originally published by Kyorin University professor Yoshihiko Koga, found out that eating a scoop of ice cream in the morning helps increase alertness and gives a person a 'mental boost'. It also helps reduce feelings of irritation, which can lead to a calmer, more peaceful attitude.

Koga also conducted the study using a glass of cold water. He gave this to his participants and found the same results.

However, his study suggests that ice cream provides higher mental stimulation than a glass of cold water. He explained that it was due to the amount of glucose in ice cream, which “will aid mental capacity considerably.”

Additionally, Koga's study also showed that people who consume ice cream for breakfast have faster reaction times and were able to process more information.
Source: TNP, Cosmo

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