Dr. Lorraine Badoy On Leni's US Vacation: 'Leni should be in Naga and not US, real leaders know when to forget about themselves and help'


Human rights advocate Dr. Lorraine T. Badoy denounced Vice President Leni Robredo for staying in the United States for a vacation while her hometown Naga City is being hit by super typhoon Niña.

Dr. Badoy posted her disappointment on her Facebook account with a post titled as "The Woefully Inept Leni Robredo".

She even pointed out that disaster management is definitely not part of the Vice President's job description, but as a leader, Leni should always be there to help even if she's not required to do such work.

On the other hand, Leni explained her part by saying that although she's in the US with her family, she still managed to contact and correlate with the local government of her constituents. Later on, the VP's statement was described by Dr. Badoy as "pure and unmitigated bullshit".

VP Leni said that their vacation had already been planned over a year ahead and she can't simply stay in Naga for Christmas because of the death of her husband, former DILG Secretary Jesse. On the other hand, Badoy said that as a public servant, she should not let her personal woes to affect her service.

"So ganito pala ang pagka-lider ni Leni Robredo. Walang sakuna dapat n mangyari pag Pasko because you know- grieving heart. Wow," the human rights advocate said in her Facebook status.

"Loss and grief- that is now the lot of thousands upon thousands of Bicolanos- shake a person to his very core. And to have a fellow human being be with you in your darkest hour is to give back to that person something precious- a piece of his humanity back. Real leaders know all these," she continued. 

"No Leni, let's call your setting up relief operations in Bicol from the wintry wonderland NYC what it truly is- pure, unmitigated bullshit," Dr. Badoy acclaimed.

Badoy also said that personal agenda should be canceled if your people are badly in need. She also stressed that public service is about forgetting yourself for other people's sake.

Badoy also claimed that "Physical presence is nonnegotiable".

The doctor even said that the yellow ribbon party should teach Robredo how to become a good leader, saying, "So I suggest Leni Robredo and her band of clowns behind the reportedly well funded, highly orchestrated plan to unseat a wildly popular duly elected president- the decrepit billionaire Loida Lewis whose medication needs to be adjusted- stat!- Western press, mainstream media, the US, and the motherlode of losers, the Liberal Party- call it a day for now."



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