Donita Rose Unveils The Shocking Reason Why Her Husband Left Her


Not all relationships work despite the fact that they have been together for long.

Another example of this is Donita Rose and husband Eric Villarama. Donita gave the details of their separation last Sunday when giving an advice to a caller in "Good Times With Mo Twister" podcast.

The TV host and actress mentioned that their separation was caused by "character flaws" and "character issues".

During the podcast, a male caller narrated his story about catching his boyfriend having an affair with another guy and having a hard time moving on. According to Donita, the number one key to moving on is to forgive yourself first.

"Sometimes it has got a lot to do with forgiving yourself," Donita said. She also said that whatever she does, her husband will leave her because of their character differences.

"In my case, I did everything I thought I could. But why am I at the losing end of this deal because that person left me? Even if I had done things differently, this person would have left me anyway because it's a character issue," she shared.

She also said, "I always play this back in my mind. Let's say to miss my ex [husband] and go, 'How I wish...' And I erase things [wishful thinking. I erase things again and go, 'No!' because even if there is a chance, I would never go back to that again because of the character flaws."

"The picture that I paint in my mind of what's supposed to be perfect and a great relationship would never happen because of the character flaws and character issues," she added.


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