Dog Who Was Lost For A Month Comes Back. Owners Were Devastated Upon Seeing Her. Why? See Here!


They say that the connection between a human and his or her pet is sometimes more strong than a human to human connection. 

If that’s the case then here is definite proof: This dog was lost for a month after being separated from his owners during a camping trip at Kading campground near Little Black Foot River. 

Sandy, a 10 year old chow mix was discovered after a month, under very troublesome conditions. She was barely able to stand. Her skin and bones were very evident, and her fur was thin, falling out and covered in ticks, feces, and grass seeds. 

The veterinarians treated her immediately and tried to find her owner through the use of social media. Luckily, after 5,000 shares and after reaching 200,000 people, her owner responded.

Upon seeing Sandy, her owner broke down and was so devastated to see the dog in a very pitiful condition. On the other hand, Sandy tried her best to be full of life as she saw her owner. 

“It was the first time we’d seen her lift up her tail and wag, so she clearly recognized him, and she feels good enough that she could acknowledge that he was there.” said one of the veterinarians. 

The heartwarming reunion brought tears to everyone who saw it.

Watch the video of this reunion below:

Source: TNP , Littlethings

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