Doctors Did Everything To Save This Baby's Life And It Was All Worth It! What A Christmas Miracle!


A video went viral on Facebook as people witnessed a miracle happen right in front of their eyes!

A mother from Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija, was going through very long hours of labor for her baby, who was scheduled to be delivered the other day. 

While they were in the ambulance headed towards Cabanatuan City to receive extensive care, their trip was cut short when the baby’s head popped out of her mother’s womb during the drive!

This caused them to go back to the city health office where the sprang into immediate action. 
They were successful in bringing out the baby, however, it was lifeless when it came out. But the nurses didn't give up.

After repeated CPR and seemingly unconventional ways of reviving a new-born baby, the little angel slowly received life and was crying like any other normal baby.

Netizens were all blessed to have witnessed such a miracle unfold right before their very eyes, and they all expressed their joy for the mother who received such a wonderful Christmas present. 

The post was uploaded yesterday, and now has over 1.4 million views with more than 32-thousand shares.
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