DNA-Confirmed Twins With Different Fathers Exist In Vietnam! WATCH HERE!


There are two types of twins: identical twins (twins that look exactly alike) and fraternal twins (twins who don't).

However, this unusual case in Vietnam boggles the mind: both kids are proven to be twins through a DNA test but they don't share the same father.

Many netizens reacted to this wondering how it was even possible.

The Genetic Association of Vietnam conducted the test but kept the personal details of the parents secret. 

It all started when this Vietnamese couple noticed that as the twins grew older, the differences between them began to show. All along they thought that it was just an indicator that they were fraternal twins.

The two were born on the same day, and only a few hours apart. Striking differences include the other child having thick wavy hair, while the other one has thin straight hair. 

As time went by, the father was pressured into getting them DNA tested. After the test results came out, Le Dinh Luong, the President of the Genetic Association of Vietnam, said that the twins had the same mother but different fathers.

They are called Bi-paternal twins and their case is very rare.

Source: TNP , Elitereaders

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