DLSU Star Player Jeron Teng Shares Something About His Girlfriend! Watch This!


Recently, De La Salle University beat Ateneo de Manila University in the UAAP Finals. But as they celebrated the victory, it also marked the last game of Jeron Teng, aka King Archer, who had been the star player of the team.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, he shared that one inspiration behind his victory is his girlfriend, Jeanine Tsoi. He shared that she is very supportive and is very understanding of his situation. He also noted that since Jeanine had been a courtside reporter in UAAP, she knows a lot about basketball. 

However, she never puts down Jeron whenever he has a bad game. Instead, she always tells him that she believes in him!

 Jeron also shared how Jeanine always sees the good side of him. 

He shared this one incident where she dared him to be in the Dean's list. Despite his doubts, Jeron persevered and later on achieved being in the top of the Dean's list. He expressed how grateful he was to have his girlfriend by his side.


Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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