Daughter Of Former Trial Justice Slams VP Leni For 'Not Doing Her Work' On Yolanda


The daughter of Former Trial Justice Anacleto Badoy slammed Vice President Leni Robredo for supposedly "not doing her work" on the Yolanda housing projects while praising President Rodrigo Duterte for giving the victims permanent house in just 18 days.

In her Facebook post, Lorraine Marie Badoy, said that Robredo is "lazy, incompetent and heartless" for making her job complicated when, according to her, is just basic and not "rocket science."

"It only is rocket science to the newbie who’s too proud, too inept to ask for help. The newbie who’s lazy and won’t do the work she’s been tasked to do. The newbie who will not work with what she has but will insist that she can only work with her nominees. The newbie who’s too green to know she’s being used for political gain by her party of losers," she said.

She also explained that under Duterte administration, with the help of Presidential Assistant for Visayas Michael Dino, the victims of the super typhoon were given permanent homes in just a span of 18 days.

"The houses were already there. They only needed housing permits to be released----the chokepoint that nobody had yet untied (because guess-who—the Big Kahuna—was living la vida loca at that moment, giving speeches, cutting ribbons—so she would have something to put in her list of accomplishments I guess)," she said.

"PAV Michael Dino worked with the local government units to do their end of the bargain—to install water and power supply and thus, got those permits in record time."

"By November 26, the first 280 families walked into their brand new homes. See, working with LGUs is basic. It’s not rocket science," she added.

To clarify things, vice presidential spokesperson Georgina Hernandez clarified all the false claims of Badoy.

For example, Badoy claimed that Robredo did not have any meetings for the Yolanda fundings and projects.

"Nonetheless, we pushed forward with setting board meetings as soon as possible in the interest of public service. In August 2016, HUDCC already requested all Key Shelter Agencies (KSAs) to set board meetings at the soonest possible time. The schedules however were based on the readiness of each KSA with the agenda and the materials, and this required several committee meetings first between HUDCC and each KSA leading up to the first meeting for each KSA in October. HUDCC requested that the board meeting for NHA be held earlier but NHA requested to defer the schedule since the other ex officio board members had not yet designated their alternates," she said.

In her post, she said that Robredo had more than three KSAs prior to her resignation.

"Prior to VP Leni's resignation, board meetings were also set for SHFC, HDMF and NHMFC, NHA and HGC in December. Monthly board meetings were also lined up for all KSAs beginning 2017," Hernandez said.

"It should also be noted that much of the work also takes place between board meetings. During the 5 months as HUDCC Chair, the Vice President also conducted 22 site visits where she consulted resettled families on the problems they experienced as well as what they thought could be done to improve the various programs in line with her thrust to mainstream the community-driven approach," she added.

"We believe the performance of the HUDCC Chairperson should be based on the outcomes achieved by providing affordable homes for the underprivileged and the homeless, and in the reforms done to improve service delivery."
Source: TNP, Pinoythoughts

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