Dad Opened His Huge Christmas Present And What Was Inside The Box Moved Him To Tears! WATCH HERE!


Christmas is a season of giving and get-together. Of course, nothing beats the gift of togetherness to celebrate the occasion. For some, it's easy. But for families with members working overseas or working in the military service, being together is a luxury.

That is why Terra Casey and her father were beyond elated when they finally celebrated Christmas together after 25 years. The last time this happened was when Terra was 4 years old. They lived far away from each other and could visit only a couple of times throughout the year. But Terra decided to surprise her father this time. 

With all of their relatives as accomplices, Terra was placed in a box wrapped in Christmas sheets and ribbons. The father opened the box, seemingly uninterested, and little did he know that he was about to have the best Christmas gift ever!

He was in utter shock when he discovered that it was her daughter! Many netizens were touched by the scene. Some of the netizens expressed how painful is it to spend Christmas far away from the family and that Terra should do this more often.

Watch the touching scene below:

Source: TNP, MetaSpoon

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