Couple Breaks In A House And Tries To Steal A Baby Girl But The Robbers Did Not See This Coming!

If some people think being home alone can be fun, this story might make them change their minds. This mother and her baby were alone at their home and this surprising thing happened to them!

An armed couple broke into Nayeli's house and told her to give them money. When Nayeli told the robbers that she had no money, the woman was not satisfied. So instead of asking for money, she grabbed the baby from Nayeli.

Nayeli was talking to her husband, Adolfo, over the phone when the incident happened.

"She fought with the lady, because she tried to go by the kitchen and she held her by the shirt. Then the guy came back and hit her with a gun," Adolfo said during his interview with WichTV News.

However, the robbers did not know that a pitbull is waiting outside the house.

The pitbull saved the day as the woman ran outside the backyard to escape with the baby. The pitbull did not allow the woman to escape carrying her "little sister" and the woman had no choice but to go back on the front door!


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