CNN Declares President Duterte as the Biggest Winner in Asia. WATCH HERE!


Duterte was tagged as the Big Winner by international news platform, CNN. He assumed office last June 30, and hs made a lot of progress since then. But he also expressed a lot of "unnecessary" comments which have put him in the spotlight a couple of times. 

CNN noted that Duterte was a 'Big winner' after winning the presidency in a landslide and undeniably captured the hearts of the masses.

In one part, CNN also noted how the President has high percentage approval rating from Filipinos-- "In early December, the Social Weather Stations survey firm had Duterte enjoying a 77% approval rating as Filipinos continue to put their trust in their controversial President. For now, the Philippine leader's unconventional moves seem a harbinger of things to come."

The article ended with Trump's comment on Duterte: "Duterte ends 2016 vowing to rebalance his nation's ties, improve the life of the average Filipino and make the Philippines -- a one-time economic and trade powerhouse -- great again."

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