Child Stars' Deaths We Never Heard In The News! Must Watch!


The life of a child star is not easy. At a young age, these people carry the heavy burden of forgetting about a stress and care-free life of a kid and are sometimes forced to work to sustain the needs of their family.

Some child stars have passed away at an early age. 
Some died due to unfortunate accidents, others from medical conditions while some from vices and depression. Sadly, some once-famous child stars passed away without the people knowing. 

Let us take a look at these kids and pay tribute to the amazing lives they have lived.

1. Rob Knox or "Marcus Belby" of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" died protecting his older brother from two men. He was stabbed to death.

2. Sammi Kane Kraft starred in Bad News Bears's 2005 remake. She died from an unfortunate car accident at age 20.

3. Brad Renfro became a part of 21 films and television shows including "The Client."  The young actor however suffered from vices such as alcohol and drugs. He died from drug overdose in 2008 in his apartment in Los Angeles at the age of 25.

4. Thuy Trang is best known for her stint in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as the yellow ranger. She passed away at the age of 27 on a tragic car accident in 2001.

5. Jonathan Brandis played as Lucas Wolenczak from the Seaquest DSV of the NBC Series. The actor unfortunately suffered from depression since his career began to go through a downhill. He committed suicide later on. He was found in his Los Angeles Apartment's hallway hanging at age 27 in 20013.

6. Skye Mccole Bartusiak played roles on various movies such as "The Patriot", "Don't Say A Word", "Kill Your Darlings" and "Boogeyman." She was suffering from epilepsy and was taking medications for seizure. She passed away in 2014 from drug overdose at the age of 21.

7. Lee Thompson Young is best known on his role in "The Famous Jett Jackson", a disney channel series. The actor suffered with bipolar disorder. He later on commited suicide through gunshot in the head.


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