Vice Ganda's New Van Looks Like a 5-Star Hotel Room and Is More Luxurious Than Your Own House. Must See!


Celebrities have reputations that they are obliged to maintain. Whether it be simple or luxurious, their image is an aspect of their industry that is important for them and their fans. 

Fancy clothes and big houses aren’t just the game. Sometimes, it’s all about the wheels you bring.

Vice Ganda’s recent success has been all over the news recently, and now he has a new luxurious car that went through some serious pimping out. 

He made sure that his Toyota Hiace Super Grandia LXV didn’t skip out on the interiors or the functionality so that he will have a good time especially for shoots that are out of town.

A re-modification of the van added a bubble top and maximized space with more seats and augmenting comfort to it. 

Creators of this project also took into consideration Vice's needs, placing makeup mirrors with extra lighting and flat screen TVs on their privacy walls.

The designer of the sleek and sophisticated interior of the van was Atoy Customs, an automotive design and truck modification company based in West Avenue, Quezon City

The company services a lot of people, including the rich and famous such as Brandon Vera, LA Tenorio, Andre Paras, and recently, Vice Ganda.


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