A Couple Saw A Cat Not Moving In The Snow, Then They Realized That It Was Frozen!


Frozen whiskers, stuck paws- that was how these couple saw this cat amid the cold in the snow.

Curious and concerned for the feline's welfare, the couple walked towards the cat. Only then did they realized that its paws were stuck in a puddle, making its unable to escape.

After attempting to lift it up, they discovered that it was completely stuck to the ground. The couple knew that it would not be that simple trying to rescue the cat.

Fortunately, after several attempts of pouring buckets of warm water on the frozen legs of the cat, they succeeded.

The couple then wrapped it in a coat in an attempt to warm him and prevent hypothermia. Although the video did not show what happened after, netizens were all hopes for the complete recovery of the cat.

Watch the cat hero couple in action!

Source: TNP, LittleThings

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