'Build That Wall, Trump Daddy' Filipina Waitress Receives Racist Comment from High Schoolers Instead Of Tip!


After Donald Trump's victory against Hillary Clinton, things escalated quickly for the non-whites and non-Americans. Trump promised during his campaign building a wall between the US and Mexico, even going as far as imposing a jail sentence on illegal migrants who attempt to cross the border

Rachel Mau, a Filipino American who lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, got her taste of racism. While on a double shift on a Friday night, a group of high school students went to the establishment she works in and partied there. She had to wait for the 5 remaining kids who stayed until the next day. When she got the receipt, a note in the tipping column shocked her. The students wrote "Build that wall, Trump daddy" and "nah" on the other receipt.

"I was pretty shocked and I didn't know what to do. My feelings were hurt and I didn't know how to take it in at first. I’ve just kept thinking about it and it upsets me because they didn't seem like they have a problem or anything. They were respectful the night before," Rachel shared. 

"Usually we have a lot of older people that come in, and there’s also high school kids and they’re usually respectful – so that was my first time dealing with that and I didn’t really know how to react towards it,” she added.

She is a nursing student and didn't have the chance to vote the last election, but she said she's have been hearing about the more prominent racism among inspired by Donald Trump's racist tendencies. 

 “Trump being president-elect has really made a difference on how people treat others," she said.

Asked if she's scared to receive more receipt messages like this, she answered: "I don't personally feel too scared anymore because I realized how much support I had. But I'm scared for others and that's why I wanted to put my story out there so that it would make a difference on how people treat others, no matter their race or what politics they support.”

'Build That Wall, Trump Daddy' Filipina Waitress Receives Racist Comment from High Schoolers. READ HERE!
Source: TNP , Rappler

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