Bride Dragged Away From Computer By Groom Just To Have Her Attend Her Own Wedding!


We have all heard various stories of addicted gamers going to extreme measures just for one more game. 

However, this story about an addicted woman who neglects her own marriage all for the sake of a game might trump them all.

In a video shared by Mirror, several people in China had to force a woman out of her seat and drag her away from a computer in order to attend her own wedding ceremony that was about to start.

Already in her wedding gown and wearing makeup, the bride was so caught up in the hit game League of Legends (LOL) that even with her groom, his family and friends already begging her to stop, she did not.

Despite her mother in law's plea and his husband's distress over the ceremony, the busy bride neglected everyone's concerns and answered nonchalantly, saying "wait a minute."

As for her father in law, he wasn't able to control his anger, which was surprisingly directed at his son for not being able to control his wife-to-be.

The woman was oblivious to the commotion happening around, forcing them to drag her away from the computer. 

However, as funny as the video was, many netizens speculated that it was all just an act.

Watch full video below and tell us what you think! Could it be real?

Source: TNP, Youtube

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