Aura Reveals Something About Wil: 'Bes, Confirmed!' What Does it Mean? WATCH HERE!


Recently, a Pinoy Big Brother episode went controversial when the housemates had a beach party. During their celebration, some of the housemates got drunk. 

One of them was Aura, who had been very clingy with Wil all throughout the night. The two entered the house at the same time, which explains their closeness. 

Wil had his hands around Aura for the whole night, however, when Aura pulled him close to sit him down, he made a lot of excuses and stood up instead. 

Aura then called the other housemates and told them: "Bes, confirmed, bakla si Wil." She started making a scene. The other housemates then tried to calm her down.

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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