ATTENTION: Girls! These 7 Tips On Keeping Your Private Part Healthy Is A MUST-READ!


Some girls fail to deal with problems about their private parts as they deem it to be embarrasing. However, if not properly taken care of, simple infections can lead to more serious health conditions. That is why, it is very important for girls to take good care of their private parts. Here are some of the things that girls should know:

1) Always use cotton underwear to prevent unwanted odors in the vagina.

2) It is important to shave or wax to keep it clean.

3) Wash your vagina at least once a day to help prevent build-up of bacteria.

4) Wash your buttocks last so the dirt being washed off doesn't go to your private parts.

5) Wash the area between your vagina and the opening of your anus.

6) Make sure to always wipe front to back.

7) Use mild soaps when washing to avoid infections.

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