Does This Alleged Hidden Message In Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa Tell Us That Aliens Really Exist? Find Out Here!


Leonardo Da Vinci is internationally known for his paintings and art masterpieces. Da Vinci made his own name in history through creating iconic art pieces such as the Mona Lisa and others. 

The Mona Lisa is considered as one of the greatest paintings ever made in history. However, its popularity also made way for some really weird controversies.

Boston University’s Terrence Masson conducted a study which attempted to shed light on the controversy behind his paintings. Masson collected clues about Da Vinci’s personal life which were thought to be have been reflected in his paintings. 

However, a video showed that some of the clues actually support conspiracy theories which assert that Da Vinci has a connection with other life forms, including extra terrestrial beings.

Source: TNP , YouTube

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