An Al Jazeera Report Explains 'Why Duterte Is Loved By Many Filipinos'


President Rodrigo Duterte's win last May election was a clear landslide and his continuous popularity over the Filipino people is remarkable too, in a way. 

So for the second time, Al Jazeera, a Doha-based broadcasting network funded by the state and Al Jazeera Media Network of Qatar's ruling family, featured the Philippine's President-- Rodrigo Duterte.

"The fact that a candidate that was fourth in the polls when we first did our first film with him amazingly rose to the top and became the President of the Philippines.  It's an incredible story. A long shot person outside of the political, sort of, dynasties that have ruled the country coming in and getting popular support and winning a landslide victory. So we have to go back."

So why did Duterte stand out among the rest of the other elite and well known political personalities? And how did this win him the election, as well as the hearts of the people? Watch this!

Source: TNP , AsianPolicy

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