MAGIC IN THE AIR: Airline Company Makes the Holiday Season Special For Lonely Passengers In The Airport! Must Watch!


Nothing will make the holiday season more special than being with your loved ones to celebrate. But what if it has to be only you inside an airport?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines made the season more special for their passengers who are spending the holidays alone in the airport. In their campaign 'Bonding Buffet', this airline company put their unaccompanied passengers close together so they can have a special celebration of the holiday season even without their families.

The airline company based in Netherlands set up a buffet that will only be served if the chairs surrounding it will be completely occupied by the passengers. There are 20 stools to be completed and they made 3 rounds of the dinner. Because of this, 60 passengers felt the Christmas season even they are away from their families.

Hitting 6.6 million views in the first 15 hours alone, the video was shared more than 75 thousand times and got 119 thousand reactions. Netizens expressed their gratitude to the airline company for bringing home closer to its alone passengers. 

Watch their full video here:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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