After 50 Years of Love, Couple Dies Holding Hands Like in 'the Notebook'


'The Notebook' is one of the most iconic movies in the world. 

Dennis and Audrey Fleetwood, 85 and 77, stood by their vow to stay together in health or in sickness. Even death couldn't keep them apart!

Paul, their son, shared, “They pushed mum’s bed in to dad’s room and took the middle barriers down so they could lie together. They put a pillow between them so they could hold hands comfortably.”

Audrey Fleetwood had suffered complications following a gall stone surgery which confined her to the hospital for number of months. She even had mild dementia.

In the same hospital, Dennis was admitted due to pneumonia. When the nurses found out that his health was getting worse, they wheeled his wife in his room to recreate a scene in'The Notebook'.

While holding their hands, Dennis passed away the next day.

“We told him he was holding mum’s hand and it was okay. Once we said that, he stopped struggling and moving around and was peaceful,” Paul said.

After two days, Audrey also passed. “And after Dad died, she just slipped away – I like to think they both went together,” their son added.

The two will have a joint funeral next week.

After 50 Years of Love, Couple Dies Holding Hands Like in 'the Notebook'
Source: TNP , Littlethings

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