Famous Dota Player Bianca Yao's Cute Trashtalking Goes Viral! Why? Watch This!


Do you remember Bianca Yao, the girl who went viral after some random guy asked her on a date if he gets a  particular number of likes, shares, and comments? 

If you didn’t know, Bianca is a popular e-sports enthusiast who takes her games very seriously. And by very seriously, we mean VERY

A video has been making rounds on the internet containing footage of the adorably mad Bianca Yao who seemed very frustrated while she was playing Defense of the Ancients, more commonly known as DOTA.

All set in her impromptu gaming set up, laptop on a big block and Pringles on the back, Bianca couldn’t be more terrifying as she was in her complete zone.

“Stun first, SK ah? Stun first,” and “TP now were the audible ones of her commands.

Yelling orders and telling teammates how to go about their looming clash with the enemy team, Bianca was dead set on carrying her team. 
However, one can see the obvious frustration on her face which immediately turned sour after a few seconds.

"It's my fault now? What the hell!" "You're useless like your father!" after that clash, a typical reaction of an irritated gamer and one that many can relate to.

The video has gone completely viral and people are loving this side of Bianca Yao, unguarded and very candid. The video has now over 362 thousand views, 12 thousand likes, and 6, 500 shares as of posting. 
All her fans were very supportive of their ultimate gaming crush, and asked that she just remain calm. She is wife material, as some netizens claim.

Bianca Yao is a promoter of e-sports in the Philippines and does a lot of live streaming of her games on Twitch.

Source: TNP, Facebook

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