6-year old kid Who Was Just Carolling Along The Streets Of Manila Was Kidnapped By A Lady! Carollers, Beware!


It has been a long-standing tradition for Filipino children to go around their neighborhoods and sing Christmas carols to random houses, in an effort to get their share of “aginaldo” or money. 

However, terror struck this group of kids in Sampaloc, Manila when one night turned completely too dark for them

Happy and hopeful were the friends of John Ren Manzano, 6 years old, while they were walking along the streets of Sta. Mesa, Manila to get their part of the Christmas give-aways. 

As they were walking, an unidentified woman walked towards them and asked what they were doing. She then led them to a big house where she promised them a big sum for their Christmas carols.

As they were walking, the woman asked two of John Ren’s friends to go buy some ice cream at a convenience store and told him to stay with her. When they went back, they were already gone. 

According to one of his friends, “Liane”, some kids saw John Ren and the lady hop inside a jeep.

John Ren's family are in disbelief and are completely devastated as they have no idea where to look for their missing child.

“Kung may puso ka, ibalik mo sa akin ang anak ko,” John Ren’s mother said on television, weeping and distressed by the reality of her missing boy.

An image of the woman who allegedly kidnapped children was shown to “Liane”, one of the carollers. She confirmed the lad in the photo to be one who approached them and supposedly kidnapped the child. 

Source: TNP , GMANetwork

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