10 Women Share Their Story About What It's Like To Marry Your High School Sweetheart


Ever wondered what it was like to marry your high school sweetheart? Below, 10 women share their heartwarming stories that will make you both giddy and envious.

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1. 31-year-old Kim and her 31-year-old husband Moji
Started dating in her 3rd year in high school. Married for a month.

“My barkada and I joined our parish church’s choir to fulfill [sic] our school’s community service requirement. We joined the 6am choir since one of my mates already had close ties with the group. Now, what 15-year-old kid would wake up early on a Sunday to sing in a church choir? Apparently, my now-hubby. He was a big reason why I stayed with the choir while the rest of my mates moved on.

He first professed his love at a choir event three months after we first met ('I think I’m in love with you,' he said); we put a label on it three months later (he said 'I’m yours' and I replied 'Ako rin.') 

He popped the question on our 14th anniversary as a couple in November 15, 2015, and we got married on our 15th anniversary a year later on November 15, 2016.

We've celebrated all 181 monthsaries so far any way we could, be it a simple greeting and dinner, a movie, or whatever we could think of to commemorate another month of being together.

We’re now on our honeymoon in Australia, and it’s the first time we’re truly alone together, away from family and most friends. Getting lost and going on adventures together is probably what we want to do for the rest of our lives."

10 Women Share Their Story About What It's Like To Marry Your High School Sweetheart

2. 31-year-old Stephanie and her 31-year-old husband Yayay
Started dating in 4th year high school. Married for almost 2 years. 

“We got together at 16 years old. Yay and I were both high school seniors when we became a couple. My dad was very strict—only my mom and sister knew back then that I already had a boyfriend. I only told my father that I had a suitor when Yay was already working. In fact, it was only on our wedding day that my dad found out that Yay and I have been together since high school! 

Even if we took up different interests and spent time with other friends, Yay and I have never broken up. We even ended up working in the same company for several years. Nevertheless, I don’t feel like we missed out on anything. We grew up together, and he knows me better than anyone else. We only joke around that had we broken up, we wouldn’t know how to date because we’ve only ever dated each other. But I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, we’re almost two years married, and we’re expecting the best gift ever— our little girl — this December."

10 Women Share Their Story About What It's Like To Marry Your High School Sweetheart


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