This Greedy Guy Scammed An Ill Mom By Pretending To Be Her Long-Lost Son!


Few things are more heart-breaking than seeing a mom yearning for the presence of her long lost son. 

This story shared on Kapamilya mo Jessica Sojo by Lauren Dollente will definitely break your hearts. 

Lauren Dollente narrated her encounter with a guy named “Armstrong Miggy”, who claimed that he was her long lost son. 

Lauren trusted in Miggy, not even waiting for the results of a DNA test. They often talked and exchanged messages every day. 

“Armstrong MIggy” claimed his birth name was Melvin Gonzales Maniacop, born on February 17, 1990. His claims bore a lot of similarities with Lauren’s missing son. He also claimed that he was found in the trash by his adoptive parents when he was a kid. 

While waiting for the results of the DNA test, Miggy kept asking for things from Lauren, which she happily provided. 

However, after a few months, the DNA test revealed Miggy to be a fraud. An investigation revealed that Miggy wasn’t even adopted. 

The shameless scammer took advantage of Lauren’s hopes to see her son again.  

Check out screenshots of their conversation HERE:

You wouldn’t believe what this guy did to a sick mom! Unbelievable!

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