You Won't Believe What This Guy Did To His Wife During The Live Broadcast Of A Reality TV Show.


In a reality show in Serbia called “Couples”, lovers Zorica Duric and Nenand Marinkovic-Gastoz were caught up in an unusual argument while on live TV.  

The 31 year-old man mercilessly dragged Zorica to the bathroom in a headlock after things got out of hand in the middle of their quarrel in the dining table, together with the other contestants. 

In the washroom, Gastoz held both of her arms to the side while screaming “I will talk for you! Shut up!”

It didn’t end there. he grabbed her chin up and continued taunting his wife. The sad part here is that, the other contestants seem to be enjoying the whole debacle.

Abuse being shown in live TV is simply disgusting, what do you think? Let us know! 

Source: TNP , Zeppfeed

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