You Won't Believe The Transformation This Dog Went Through! From 'Potato-Chapes Scales' To Healthy Border Collie!


Augustus was  so neglected that his were ribs are already showing from his sides and his skin was flaking in scales that looked like potato chips. But the moment the Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) saw his photo, they just had to bring him in for rehabilitation. He was the worst case of abuse and neglect that they had ever seen.

Auggie had to be hospitalized and was treated extensively for weeks. They gave him antibiotics and applied a special gel treatment to make his scales fall off and to protect his raw skin.

Though the staff has no idea of what breed he is, they transferred him to the HASRA sanctuary and continued with the daily oil treatments.

When the staff started a Facebook page for Auggie, animal lovers around the world fell in love with his story and wished the best for him. We are happy to report that  Auggie has since been adopted by a woman named Jordan

After months of treatment, Auggie was rehabilitated back to a healthy and beautiful black and white Border Collie mix.

Source; TNP, YouTube

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