Yassi Pressman Wows netizens; Dance Cover Goes Viral Again


Singer, host, actress, dancer, and an independent woman. Something about the vibe off of Yassi Pressman can make anyone who looks at her swoon with admiration.

In her latest dance video, people are all hearts and thumbs up as they saw yet another daring and steamy footage of her moves and graceful body.

This video can be said to be different, as it takes a more emotional feel to dance with the song “One Last Time” by Matt Simons.

Her movements didn’t boast the usual swagger and sexy movement, but had more soft hand movements with twists and twirls.

The video, which she shared on Facebook, has gone viral and has received more the 64 thousand views on the page alone.
Many people shared the video, garnering likes from everywhere and accumulated more the 3.3 thousand reactions from the netizens.

Yassi Pressman is currently the leading lady of Coco Martin in the evening primetime show of ABS-CBN, “Ang Probinsyano”.

Source: TNP , Facebook

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