‘Yahoong Yahoo’ Bearwin Meiley Just Transformed Into a ‘Batak'


“Yahoong yahoo!” surely rings a bell and reminds us of only one person- the plump dude who always play sidekicksin comedy sitcoms including “Palibhasa Lalaki.” He is no other than Bearwin Meiley who is known for his distinctive grumpy accent and expressions. 

However, you wouldn't recognize him now as he recently underwent an overall transformation! He is now chiseled and well-built. His secret? Running. He started taking an interest in running during the year 2006 and has become active in different marathons. 

He surprised everyone when he posted a photo of himself in a gym with the caption: 

“You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE.

Be a Blessing. Be an Inspiration.”

See his photo below:

‘Yahoong Yahoo’ Bearwin Meiley Just Transformed Into a ‘Batak’ Hunk!
Source: TNP, WhenInManila

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