Widower Visits Deceased Wife’s Bench To Find A Surprise From A Mysterious Stranger!


Bud and Betty Caldwell spent 56 wonderful years together when Betty passed away just before her 80th birthday.

Every day since Betty’s death, the heartbroken Bud began leaving one daisy and one penny on a park bench he bought and dedicated to her.

The simple gifts paid tribute to their favorite love songs, “Daisy a Day” and “Pennies From Heaven.” The keepsakes were his way to show Betty he would never let her down.

But in winter 2015, the snowy conditions in Fond du lac, WI, covered the entire streets with snow and has been too dangerous for Bud to travel. 

That is when the 2 male park employees noticed that the elderly man failed to bring tribute to his late wife. Instead of ignoring the situation, they made a very kind gesture to clear the path so that the old man can travel. 

This story is one for the books! Please watch and share the video below!

Source: TNP, YouTube

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