What Scientists Discovered Inside This 1,000-Year-Old Buddhist Statue Is Beyond Their Expectations!


Scientists scanned this Buddhist statue from the 11th or 12th century and they were astounded when the scan revealed what’s inside!

Scientists only know that there’s a mummy inside the statue but what the CT scan revealed surprised them. 

Inside the mummy was actually hidden ancient Chinese scrolls and not human organs

The CT scan and endoscopy was done at the Meander Medical Centre at the request of the Drents museum in the Netherlands.

Erik Bruijn, a Buddhism expert, said the mummy was the Buddhist master Liuquan who belonged to the Chinese Meditation School back then.

The mummy was taken to Budapest, Hungary after the study. The statue will be at the Hungarian Natural History Museum until May 2015.

Watch the video below to see the whole discovery!

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Source: TNP, Youtube

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