We Bet You Never Knew These Amazing Uses of Silica Gel Bags! Don't Throw Them Away


I'm sure everyone of us wondered about the use of silica gels packets. We often see these packets in shoe boxes after we purchase them from stores but we never really knew what they are for. So what we do? We throw them away. 

However, these silica gels packets are actually useful! They contain silicon dioxide to keep the surroundings dry. Since bacteria thrives in moist environments, these gel bags also help keep bacteria out. Aside from that, these packets can also make these life hacks possible!

1) These can help absorb water inside your phone. If your phone got dropped in a bucket of water, save it by surrounding it with silica gel. It will help absorb moisture inside the phone.

2) They help preserve old photos. Moisture can also damage photos so keep them with silica gel packs to prevent them from getting damaged.

3) Prevent Wind Shield Fogging. These packets can also help prevent building up of fog on glass surfaces such as the wild shield.

4) Prevent rusting of razors. Just put them inside a pouch or box with the razors. 

5) Help keep away bad odors on luggages, shoes, gym bag and cabinets. They help absorb dampness which causes odors and helps preserve the quality of your things from bacteria.

Watch the video below for more uses of silica gel packs.

Source: TNP, Elitereaders

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