WATCH: Pinay S*x Workers Brawling Over American Customer in Pampanga


This video took the internet by storm and immediately went viral across social media. It shows two girls brawling, with one girl on top of the other,  in the middle of the street. According to reports, the video was taken at Angeles City, Pampanga. Both of them work as s*x worker and they got into a fight over a potential American customer. 

What's more shocking about the video is the fact that these girls were able to throw in some punches while bystanders were just taking videos and pictures on their phones instead of stopping the two. But finally, after a while, someone stepped up to call out the brawl and stop them. 

Many netizens felt sad and embarrassed at the same time. Many noted how poverty pushed them to do these things. “Nakakaawa ang kalagayan ng maraming Pilipino. Kumakapit sa patalim dahil sa matinding kahirapan ng buhay,”one netizen posted. 

The video already garnered 1thousand reactions. Watch it below:

Source: TNP, KAMI

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