Watch How This Proactive Policewoman Stops A Woman's Suicide Attempt! This Is Amazing!


Amidst the panic and pressure everyone felt while watching a woman attempt to commit suicide by jumping off of a highway, a brave policewoman boldly and successfully came to the rescue.

The proactive policewoman cleverly snuck up behind the suicidal woman and was swiftly able to grab a hold of her. Despite the suicidal woman’s efforts to break free, she was unable to escape from her rescuer’s grip and was brought to safety with the help of other personnel.

Although many are focused on the woman’s failed suicide attempt that some presume to be a desperate attempt to get attention, others took notice of the policewoman’s bravery and quick-thinking instead.

Although she remains anonymous, the cop's bravery and efficient handling of the situation was lauded by netizens.

Source: TNP, Facebook

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