The Earth Has Lungs And This Is How It Breathes! Watch This!


Too much drama is happening in politics right now. This is the best time to take a break and appreciate the amazing ways of Mother Nature instead. If this doesn't amaze you, we do not know what will. 

A video from NASA showing how earth is breathing will definitely melt your heart. As of today, our planet is comprised of about 3.1 trillion trees on our planet or 442 trees per person

The cycle of carbon dioxide-oxygen-photosynthesis may not be amusing for some people.  But watching all the cycles of the Earth's trees at the same is definitely breathtaking.  According to NASA, most of the breathing happens during the month of June, spring season,  where most trees starts to blossom after winter. They suck the CO2 like a vaccum cleaner and cleans the air. Most of the action happens in the Northern Hemisphere. 

However, the situation reverses during fall and winter season. Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide starts to dominate the atmosphere. It actually feels scary. 

So in summary, National Geographic puts it this way: 

"If we multiply all those leafy lungs times all those leaves times all those trees and add grasses into the bargain, we’re talking about an unimaginably vast planetary breathing system—a giant green machine that pulls enormous quantities of carbon dioxide out of the air, especially in the warmer months.

That’s what the NASA video shows us: We can see the Green Machine turning on, then, a few months later, turning off. When it’s on, when the leaves are out, those ugly, poisonous-looking swirls of orange and red vanish from the sky. The machine works. And this happens every year. It’s as though the Earth itself has lungs."


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