'Waste of time'- Manila Mayor Erap to Marcos Burial Protesters


Former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada on Saturday called the protests against the burial of late Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani as 'a waste of time'.

"They're just wasting their time. Instead, they should look for how they can help build our country," Estrada said.

"He's already dead. He's dead. And as Christians, we have no authority anymore to judge a dead person," the former president added.

Last November 18, different protests were held all over the country to act against the burial of late former president Ferdinand Marcos at LNMB. 

Mayor Erap said that he allowed those rallies within his city for it was directed by President Duterte.

During Estrada's term as president,  he finalized plans to bury the remains of the late strongman at the heroes cemetery, but was not able to accomplish the plans for he was ousted from his position in 2001.

"We are all Christians. We have to move on. Let's devote more time on the problems of the country. Move on. Let go anything of the past," Estrada said as he pointed out that Filipinos should not make judgment among dead people.

"We all must respect the dead... Hindi na dapat siguro pag-awayan 'yan," he added.
Source: TNP, GMA

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