WARNING: Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Child On The Lips Because This Can Happen To Your Child!


Shortly after visiting a doctor, 10-year old Briony from Adelaide, Australia passed away after suffering from a disease that she acquired from a person who kissed her on her lips.

Briony’s mother, Bridget, sent her to a hospital after she developed a very high fever and totally stopped eating and drinking. Her doctors found little sores at the back of her throat. The doctor’s initial findings suggest that she must been having some throat infection. They decided to give her medication and sent her back home. The doctors instructed her to go back a week after for a follow-up medical appointment.

However, Briony failed to make it as she passed away days after her first medical check-up. Doctors found out that Briony suffered from “herpes simplex virus”. What the doctors thought as small sores at the back of her throat spread throughout her body which resulted in her organ failure and death.

Herpes is an infectious disease that can affect people at any age through direct contact on the infected area.

Bridget then warned people not to let anyone kiss their child on the lips as the virus can easily be transmitted to children with poor or immature immune system.

WARNING: Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Child On The Lips!

WARNING: Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Child On The Lips!
Source: EliteReaders, TNP

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