WARNING: Do Not Drink Apple Cider to Flush Out Gall Bladder Stones Without Doing This First!


While many alternative forms of medicine do wonders for our bodies, relying on them alone can do more harm than good. 

This is what UNTV tried to address when a certain ‘Rolando Sumaylo” posed a question about gall bladder stones on Good Morning Kuya (GMK), one of their programs. 

According to Sumaylo, he was diagnosed with having gall stones, which led him to do research about alternative ways of flushing them out. He tried using apple cider as shown in one of the Youtube videos he watched. However, it actually caused more pain in his abdomen.

The resident doctor on GMK explained: 

Firstly, apple cider should not be ingested by itself. It has to be mixed with different ingredients, like olive oil, to form a concoction. Secondly, he advised ‘Mang’ Rolando to have an ultrasound performed on him, as the gall stones may be too big to get flushed out. He explained that if the stones exceed the size of 2cm, it would block the common bile duct opening and would cause further infections. 

As of this writing, the video already reached 1,200 reactions and 1,100 shares. 

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP, UNTV

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