WARNING: 2-Year-Old Passed Away Because of Eating This Common Snack Food!


Everyone would agree that most, if not all, kids love popcorn. Aside from the fact that it is available in many flavors, it is the best snack to eat as it is easy to prepare. 

However, this story warns everyone to be careful in preparing this snack for children 5 years old and below. 

Mirranda Grace Lawson, 2-years-old, was in the living room while her family was celebrating her mother's birthday. She was just eating a bag of popcorn and the next thing her family knew, Mirranda was out on the floor, unable to breath.

Her father tried to revive her through the CPR, but when the paramedics arrived, she had no heartbeat. She was resuscitated in the hospital but according to the doctors she induced a severe brain damage and was beyond recovery


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