Two Friends Were Having Fun With Facebook Live After Eating In A Restaurant When They Got Held Up By A Man In Quezon City!


Nowadays, the innovations of social media have given people the chance to share their lives as it happens. 

With the emergence of Facebook Live, anyone can be a star on the internet. However, our lives, and so our Facebook live feeds, can sometimes go against our own expectations. 

A restaurant in Quezon City was held hostage by a man last Wednesday, November 16. CCTV footage caught a man in a hat giving his orders to the restaurant staff. He was also seen to be lurking around and observing the restaurant. 
 Two friends, Joel and Joyce, were having fun while they were on Facebook Live after they had their breakfast when the man suddenly grabbed their phone. The Facebook Live Session was still ongoing, and everyone watching the feed have heard the man threatening the people inside the restaurant.

“’Wag kang gagalaw ha, ‘wag kang gagalaw. Babarilin kita!” the man said, threatening to take the lives of those inside the restaurant.  

The thief also took the belongings of the others such as wallets with P5, 000 and a laptop
After getting what he wanted, he immediately took off on a motorcycle which was manned by an accomplice.
In an interview with ABS-CBN, Joel  and Joyce said that they were terrified of the man, but their friends immediately called 911 because of the Facebook Live session. 

Brother Clifford Sorita, a known sociologist, advised the viewers yesterday to be mindful of their posts on social media. One should always be careful whenever they want to put a part of their lives for the world to see.

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN, YouTube

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