This Woman Has The Most Perfect Body; Science Has Proof!


While there are many different standards and definition present when it comes to “beauty” or  the “perfect body," science also has its own definitions. And model-actress-and tv personality Kelly Brooks is the only woman in the world who can comply with it!

According to scientific studies, women whose height is 1.68 meters or 5’5” and bust-waist-hip measurement is 99-63-91 cm or 39-25-36 inches are considered the “perfect” women. In addition, their beauty should be “all-natural” which means there should be no physical alterations or surgeries performed on them. 

Moreover, researchers from the University of Texas claimed that a perfect woman should be able to fulfill functions for evolution and procreation. 

The criteria are: attractiveness to opposite s*x, fertility, capacity for child-bearing, and overall health. However, this report from the university sparked arguments especially from the feminist groups as they suggested that these criteria are s*xist. 

On the other hand, this research paved way for the idea that the ‘perfect body’ is not like those of slender and tall runway models being promoted by the fashion industry. The measurements set by science promoted curvy and full-figured women.

Meanwhile, studies also show that the ‘ideal body image’ changes over time.

Source: TNP , Elitereaders

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