This Video Of A Sleeping Dad Catching Her Falling Baby Girl Is The Best Thing You Will See Today! Watch Here!


Parents have a special bond with their kids. They seem to be connected  in unexplainable ways. 

This is exactly what happened with a little baby girl and her dad. CCTV footage showed a sleeping father lying on the sofa while his family is with him watching TV. 

Everything seemed okay, but then the baby girl suddenly tried to stand up and fell head first. While mid-air, Super Dad caught her casually.

In an interview with Mirror Online, Brian Stucki, a father of four, simply puts it as a kick of dad instincts. 

"We were watching a spider documentary and Samm just took the dive. I like to thing that I was channeling my own spider senses."

Her wife, Candace, was ultimately impressed with her husband’s quick reflexes and they shared that even with little Samm hanging upside down, she was still looking at the iPod she was holding. 
He credits it to just “getting used to that sort of thing.”

Brian doesn’t think of it as anything extraordinary. However, he did point out one good thing that came out of their video going viral. 

"I like to see so many people commenting that they love their dads to be around, and that they’ve always been there for them to care for their needs and to love and protect them. Good dads are the best," the 35-year old father said. 

Watch the video here!

Source: TNP , YouTube

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