This Video Of A 5-Year-Old crying In An Airport Will Touch OFWs' Hearts!


This five-year-old kid does not understand what her father must do for them to survive and it is heartbreaking. As the father prepares his luggages at Davao International Airport, his daughter is still convincing him to stay.

The daughter thought her daddy doesn't love her but her father just told her that she loves her no matter what.

The video posted by Icar Yves Buchorno Perdido has already gone viral as it shows the situation of an OFW family in a nutshell. The video got more than 118 thousand shares and 92 thousand reactions.

Perdido also urged President Rodrigo Duterte to do something with the labor in the Philippines so that people like her husband would not be forced to leave their family to go to other country for work.

"I hope one day in Duterte's administration, Filipinos will no longer need to work abroad instead dito na mag trabaho sa sariling bansa natin," she said.

Watch the video below and prepare some tissues!

Source: TNP , Facebook

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