This Poor Lady Is Left With No Choice But To Cry For Her Ill Mother As She Seeks For Your Help! Watch This!


A video for a cause is now circulating on social media where a lady pleas for the help of the online community in supporting her mother's medication.

According to her, the doctors have warned them of the severe conditions of her mother that is bound to reach the stage of cancer if not treated.

The woman shares her burden and agony to the netizens in hope of finding financial aid due to their lack of capability to afford the medications and treatment needed due to indigence and her father's lack of work.

"Sana po matulungan yung nanay namin na may sakit, hirap na hirap na po siya," she plead.

And the online community is on with her and her mother's fight. The video has now reached 130,000 views as of writing and many hopes that as the video reaches farther, real help will come.

Although the community symphatizes for her agony, many still advise her to seek the help of the people from the government such as senator Pacquiao or the President himself, or if not government programs in line with providing finances for medication of the unfortunate.

She have also provided a personal contact number for those who are willing to help. Contact this number - 0908-992-7194.

Source: TNP , Facebook

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