A Man Wins The Lottery And What He Did With His Millions Will Make You Cry! Heartwarming!


What would you do if you won a million in a lottery? I'm sure you're thinking of buying a new house or new car or maybe travel around the world? 

However, this man knew better than most of us. Mark Hill, hailing from the small Missouri town, won the lottery of over $200 million last November 2012! While he did most of the things on our list, like buying cars, renovating the house, he didn't forget to give back to his town and neighborhood. He also adopted 2 children to add to his family. 

He donated money to firefighters so they can have a brand new firehouse. But this isn't just any ordinary firehouse! It was technologically updated and energy-efficient as well! According to Hill, he wanted to pay back to these firefighters, who risk their lives for the community. 

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP , Littlethings

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