This Kid Rocks His Ukulele And Plays Like Elvis Presley And He's Going Viral


Watch out, other  little young stars, because a threat is on its way and he is really going viral right now!

This boy in Naga City amused everyone with his Elvis-style footsteps. Oh and did we forget to tell that he also plays the ukulele like a rockstar?

But he got the attention with his old soul-like voice and his passion for singing a classic Bicolano song. As he belted out every note, he wooed the bystanders and the people behind the camera.

He is currently unidentified but given that the video already got 1.3 million views and almost 80,000 shares on Facebook, he'll be identified soon.

The video suggested that he is just a beggar with a ukulele, equipped with a raw talent that could really give him a lot of possibilities. Good luck, kid!

Source: TNP, Facebook

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